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A more reliable way to find product key is to use the hardware compatibility list. This means that the product key will only work on certain machines. Therefore you would not have to worry about a device that has no support for the software you are trying to activate. 4. Activate a product on different devices It is important to note that the same product key should work on different devices but you may find that it will not. The best solution to this problem is to ask for another product key to activate the software on different devices. The only concern you should have is that different devices and computers have different screen sizes. If you have a friend that is planning on buying your product and uses a different device than you you could send them the serial number of your software and tell them to activate it there. There is no harm in this because a friend is likely to be as big of a fan of your software as you are. 5. Use the inbuilt instructions to activate your product You may be very confident that your product is working well but chances are there will come a day when you want to use it and it is not working. If you use the inbuilt instructions in the product you are likely to have a better chance of fixing the problem. However, there are occasions when inbuilt instructions do not work. You could have a corrupt installation or a badly timed system shutdown. This is when you will have to start troubleshooting. If you want to have a better chance of fixing the problem you should try troubleshooting the problem by yourself. There is a chance that you will find the solution quicker than if you ask other people to help you. 6. Tried everything but still can not activate a product The last solution you will find for your product key issue is to purchase a different copy of the software. The only issue with this option is that it is expensive. When you purchase a new copy of your software it will usually cost you a lot of money. Therefore if you want to continue using your current version of the software you will need to either buy a different product key or pay to have your product key activated on other devices.Radeon Pro Duo will be the first in a new wave of AMD's graphics cards to use the new SM (streaming multiprocessor) architecture. The new architecture is designed to increase performance by increasing the number of dataflow processes to run simultaneously in parallel rather than in the previous method of having just one



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